Whenever Geoff Eigenmann looks at his eldest daughter Arabella Simone, he sees how time has flown so quickly.

Now five years old, Arabella is graduating from kindergarten at Smallville Montessori Circulo Verde, where she has been studying since the start of the pandemic. She is set to attend the school’s graduation rites in June.

"She’s grown a lot! She’s matured so much since she started with Smallville," Geoff says in an exclusive email interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Looking back at the start of the pandemic when all parents were keeping their children at home, Geoff is thankful they found a preschool offering their full curriculum online. 

This allowed Arabella to start school at the right age, while still keeping her safe. It also provided the opportunity to "start her in a Montessori school that would instill in her good values and morals."

Geoff recalls, "She was at the right age to start school already, and since it was online, there was very minimal risk."

The pandemic even gave him and his wife Maya Flores front-row seats to Arabella’s growth and progress in school.

"It was fun for us to see her participate in all the activities, with us just watching her be independent by doing things on her own."

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Arabella has begun attending face-to-face classes in school as part of the preschool’s hybrid setup.

"She’s much more sociable nga now. You can say that she’s kinda gotten out of her shell already and is becoming her own person," the proud dad observes.

"She enjoys doing all the school activities, and it’s nice to see her start friendships this early already."

He proudly adds that he has seen how much she has grown over the years, "from being independent to learning how to read and write."

"Something she does on a daily basis is, I would say, clean up. Whatever mess she would make, she would clean up herself after. Even during her online classes, she would tidy up after each class before she plays."

Overall, Geoff enjoys seeing how Arabella loves going to school, which is what any parent wants for their child.

He says, "I think it’s this whole experience she loves. She always has new stories to tell us after class, whether it be any of the activities they do in school, or anything fun or unusual that happens. 

"Lagi siyang may kuwento! She always looks forward to the next school day."


Because of the preschool’s mixed-age class set-up, Geoff notes that Arabella has become "very ‘ate’ to her younger classmates."

This has also made Arabella a good sister to her younger siblings, four-year-old Augustus Geoffrey and two-year-old Penelope Rose.

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He relates, "Arabella helps them in whatever way she can: by lifting them so they can reach higher, watching what the younger kids want so that they can all watch together. Very ate na siya to her younger siblings."

With Arabella’s bright and bubbly personality, any chance she would follow in his footsteps, and enter showbiz in the future?

Geoff says, "Most likely not my footsteps, but definitely part of the business, maybe with music and fashion.

"Acting, maybe a little, but for sure with music and fashion."

No matter what Arabella may want to do in the future, Geoff assures she has his full support.

"If it’s something she would really enjoy and love to do, I would support her all the way."


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